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Pro-McCain/Palin Political Macros

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pLOLitical macros - srs bzns

This is a community for posting
pr0-Mccain/Palin macros.

In short, pictures of ALL teh 2008 candid8s, their spouses, political figures/pundits with text on them.
This also includes cat-macros that are pr0-McCain/Palin.

GTFO if you're looking for a place that is pro-Obama/Biden.
Yes I'm a bitch. Bitchez get stuff done.

10 Comm@ndm3nz.
1. Your post must include a political macro. This means it's political & it's a macro.

2. Macros MUST be pro-McCain/Palin and/or anti-ObamaBiden.

3. 3 or > macros , Blanks & GINORMOUS macros must go behind a cut.

4. Adult language is okay, boobs and (non-goatse type) butts are okay.

5. All other naughty bits are strongly discouraged. If you find it totally necessary, put them behind a cut, and be prepared to be deleted if it's not totally worth it.

6. No advertising.

7. No freakin' weird pictures depicting gross stuff.

8. Macros considered too racially, sexually or religiously offensive may be deleted.

9. Troublemakers will be BANNED

10. Pro-Hillary macros are allowed.

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