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Pro-McCain/Palin Political Macros
10th-Oct-2008 05:32 pm - The Chicken Conundrum
I realised that Obama has an affinity for Chickens just like Palin has an affinity for Moose. His favourite food is fried chicken-wings and Hillary Clinton called him a chicken.

The following mccros are old works of mine, in response to this article.

More This Way...Collapse )
10th-Oct-2008 05:23 pm - O Shi-

Ppl who take SNL srsly deserve to get LOLed at.
8th-Oct-2008 03:28 pm - WORD.

Stolen frm tappanga

Trufax Obama and Oprah's names share the first letter - It's a big fat zero.
O and can someone make me a McCain McCro? Pretty please? Thanks ;D

Regulation for Freddie and Fannie? Absolutely nothing in his records to suggest he did. Nothing. Zero. Zippo. Nada.
5th-Oct-2008 01:29 pm - Grrrl Power
5th-Oct-2008 09:38 am - Biden on a Leash - Gd Boy! :D

Taken frm profxuanwu@ lolitics.

Doggone' it! Our girl srsly PWNed Biden.
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